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extreme speech and it really hurt george h.w. bush get re-elected that year. so sarah palin's not very popular in this country, especially with certain constituencies that they are trying to woo. mitt romney is in israel trying to get jewish votes in the united states. obama got 78% of jews the last time, in large part because sarah palin was on the ticket. so if he wants those jewish votes in ohio and florida, mitt romney wants to move away from sarah palin. on the other hand, if he moves too far away, he alienates the palin supporters in states like iowa that he's going to need for his base. >> sure. >> so he's in a tough spot on palin. >> very difficult spot there. does liz chainy do damage to her credibility saying that sarah palin is more qualified than barack obama and joe biden combined? i don't know many republicans that will honestly say that. >> that was kind of over the top. she was trying to clean up for her old man and show her loyalty to sarah palin and the tea party folks. they should not be underestimated. the most vivid demonstration of the power of the tea party was a
that to george h.w. bush. they had him in his boat off the bay out there where he lives. here's a guy who at 18 years old, gorge h.w. bush, graduates from prep school, goes down and joins the navy, becomes a fighter bomber pilot and is shot down in the pacific, and they call him a wimp. within of the reasons they do, both these fellows are," if you will, look like wasp folks but there are a lot of those folks that have a lot of guts and courage and do a lot of things even though they are polite and have good manners. bob beckel is a guy, bob has guts, bob came on and work on my show, and even before that he was the chief salesman for jimmy carter for the panama canal treaty. you are talking about guts there. >> and it takes a lot of them, pat. and believe me, it does. >> also following you around when you were running for president was a dangerous thing to do but i did it anyway. >> but if i paid a dollar for "news ""i would put out a headline president cry baby because he can't take responsibility. he got everything he wanted passed and he blames everybody. why doesn't he take responsibility?
by presidents like bill clinton and ronald reagan. >> and george w. bush. we've seen this pandering before. george w. bush said he would move the embassy to jerusalem on the day he was inaugurated. the minute he was in office, he reversed that and extended the same as every other president. if we moved our embassy to tel aviv, we would be abandoning, in affect, 40 years of u.s. foreign policy. that is not going to happen. i'm sure president romney would do no such thing no way. >> it's an interesting debate. this is not going to be the end of it. hussein ibish. thank you so much for joining us inside 9inside "the war room"." >> democrats deliver on a long-overdue promise to the lgbt community. plus the 1992 presidential debate is one for the history books. the question is why hasn't history repeated itself? and then later dick cheney takes aim at one of his own. we don't mean a hunting buddy. find out who should take cover. you're in "the war room," and we'll be righththththththththththththththththththththththt (vo) cenk uygur is many things. >>oh really? >>tax cuts don't create jobs. the
presidential leadership. as mr. romney was leaving on this foreign trip, it was announced that george w. bush, the last republican president, will not be going to the convention that will nominate mr. romney next month. and as mr. romney returns from this trip, it is announced that former vice president dick cheney will not be going to the convention either. mr. cheney telling abc news he plans to go fishing instead. so the olympics, not just the trip, but the metaphor, is apt here. this is a passing of the torch. the republican party this week is insuring that the existing torch holders are in fact going to hand it over. but the guy they're trying to hand it over to at this point in his campaign seems more apt to light himself metphorically on fire with that torch than to run it anywhere. joining us now is john harwood, cnbc's chief washington correspondent. thank you for your time. nice to see you. >> hi, ms. leader. >> you can call me anything. after five days of vacation at this point, i'm impuvious to insult. how are republicans in d.c. reacting to the romney overseas trip? is this accom
they did to george h.w. bush and like they are doing to romney. the left is being a caricature of itself. all the rotten comments and all the rest of it, i think they democrat their own credibility. those magazines used to be excellent, we all read them. >> the answer to your question is would newsweek do that, no. why? because they are a liberal publication. i understand that, you understand that. is barack obama going to get a fair shake from the national review? i mean, come on. it's the pay politics are played. newsweek is a liberal magazine and it ain't going very far. >> it's going far. >> let's put in 75 cents each and they will -- >> buchanan and beckel would have to take over the decks. we don't want to do that. >> but i remember when i said the devil got a hold of you when you did your convention speech. i remember that well and i was proud of that comment and you needly repeed it so you must have been proud of it. >> that speech down there? i was. i mentioned the nature you are is a cult cal war. that phrase has been used in a title in probably a thousand books ever since and
last three presidents would be mitt romney, barack obama and george w. bush, three men who personally have very little love for politics, very little love for the sport of it all, very little love or understanding of the grand sweep of history, unlike say a bill clinton or a ronald reagan or an fdr. there just doesn't seem to be the joy in these guys either on the campaign trail or when they're governing. they seem to be -- well, at least the two that are running this time technocrats. >> they're competitive without being cheerful. i any what mark just said is exactly right, that politicians get in trouble when they act as though they're pundits or color commentators. you think about obama -- wandered into the truth but that editorial meeting in washington state in 2008 when he said reagan was transformative but clinton wasn't. >> nevada. >> reno. >> however true that might be, it was the wrong way to say it. >> you can't say it as a presidential candidate. >> the thing that really struck me about looking at romney in london was his lack of agility. it was this incredibly stiff presen
stops off in bordeaux france. >> yeah he is just a big ball of george w. bush and sarah palin combined. >> oh, god. >> let's live into the right-wing world. john bolton. >> i think it has been a very successful trip. i think the his meetings and speech in israel demonstrated the stark contrast between the romney view, and the obama administration view, which is that israel is a large source of the problems in the middle east. >> sure, i think we can all agree on that, can't we? >> sure. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> we can all agree on that. >> i think you would blow up the top ten stories of mitt romney and nobody would notice. [ laughter ] [ buzzer ] >> john scott on foxes news. >> if you know your history, you might recall four years ago when barack obama took the oval office there was this bust of winston churchill that had been prominently displayed that mr. obama sent it back -- >> no george bush sent the bust of churchill back because it was on loan. and barack obama has a different bust of churchill that is still there in the oval office. there are pictures o
dating back to the administration of president george w. bush. that's according to the documents that fox news obligated through freedom of information act request with the general services administration. the documents show over the past six years the gsa has lost or did not keep records on a number of events. while dozens other show travel costs that are similar to the las vegas convention. >> and then, mr. hot tub the former general services administration executive, he live the g.s.a. in the wake of the scandal. and now, doug has the news in washington, dc. the yens were supposed to be work-related? >>reporter: they are supposed to be but look at that g.s.a. conference. it is called a team building exercise but employees were making noise to the inspirational words of a facilitator. >> listen to each other. accountability. to the back beat. >>reporter: no know if they kept their integrity but they got cash, they got to keep that. our freedom of information revealed 75 pages of g.s.a. employees, 50 on every page, who received cash awards at this conference averaging $1,000 each. the co
been involved in the original "newsweek" cover which was 1987, george w. bush who we eluded to as a war hero. be that as it may, i don't think mitt romney is a wimp in the sense that he will say -- it's more i find cynical in he will say just about anything it seems in the very cold-blooded and i would say cold-hearted pursuit of the white house. what he did to some of the other candidates in the republican primaries was pretty cold. and so i don't see him -- politically he almost doesn't seem to care. i don't find that to be wimpish. i find it to be cynical. >> also i would throw in the word arrogant or distant as well. i think wimpiness is the problem. i think he's detached in certain ways. when he says i'm not going to turn over my taxes, i'm not going to tell you about my ira. that's not being wimpy. that's having a "you people" attitude. like i don't have to answer to you people. i've given you people enough. that's not really wimpy. so i think "newsweek" was calling in on the historical legacy that howard helped to create to help sell magazines. >> remember the teacher trying to g
? here's a wonderful personal friend and advise for for george w. bush, dick morris. thanks are for being here. >> you her his comments and from your experience in the different administrations you worked in, is there any date between what he said and stated u.s. policy? >> no, i think it was a very clear statement of what has been u.s. policy under president bush and president obama. he, of course, said that when he was overseas he would not try to pick a fight with president obama's foreign policy but would try to be supportive and i think he was true to his word. i thought it was a very clear explanation what have we are trying to do, which is to put pressure on the iranian regime so they will give up this effort to get a nuclear weapon, and to convince the iranian people that it is the policy of this regime in pursuing nuclear weapons that is the result of all the pain that they are suffering. that's been u.s. policy, and i think the governor articulated it very clearly. >> one of the things that you used to tell me is that the worst thing you can do is put a president in a position o
former president george h.w. bush, about 18% in cuts. and then former president clinton. clinton did start to increase defense spending during his term but it still ended lower than where it was when he took office. another thing that stands out to me about this chart is defense spending. you're looking at real terms defense spending is higher now than it was in the cold war or even during vietnam. it looks like it was higher during world war ii although there were extraneous spending items then. that's not an entirely fair comparison. but the chart is courtesy of the center for american progress and the department of defense. so when you look at that, you have to ask the question, do the claims of national security disaster add up when it comes to the sequestration? i asked that question to someone who should know the answers. wes bush, the ceo of northrup grumman. >> sequestration could have a devastating impact on our overall economic condition. you mentioned 2 million jobs lost. that could raise the unemployment rate on a national level about 9%. we're talking about both defense
there was no rational basis for justifying it. she was a george w. bush appointee. in fact, five different federal judges have voted against the defense of marriage act and it heads to the supreme court soon based on this track and there's progress all over the map in fact democrats are now thinking of putting it in their party platform and pass unilaterally in the first round. they will determine if it goes in the platform or not. when you look at the whole country, there's gigantic movement. look at this, 57% in 2001. used to oppose gays and lesbians being allowed to marry legally. only 35% were in favor. now it has flipped around. 48% are in favor and 44% are against. so that is just a gigantic amount of movement in a little over a decade. then president obama came out and said he was for gay marriage. that moved some democrats as well. since he has said that, well, the country is on a similar path here as you can see. it has gone from 47% to 38%. it has gone up a tiny bit. we don't know if that's statistically signif
and his daughter held a fundraiser for romney and raised $5 million there. george w. and jh.w. bush will not be attending. >>> if you take southbound 295 into d.c. there is a direct ramp over the 11th street bridge to get you downtown. it is marked 695, 395 capitol hill and it will take you to the southeast-southwest freeway. it should shave ten minutes off your commute. a new ramp to northbound 295 is expected to open this fall. >>> scary moats for a young thrill seeker. >>> the rumor mill running rampant over apple's new tech toy, the ipad mini- >>> outrage at the olympics. the reason behind all the empty seats and the new plan to pack the stadiums. dan joins us live from london. at kaiser permanente, we've made major advancements in reducing the incidents of broken bones in seniors. we've received recognition for getting hypertension under control for over 80% of our members. we've made significant advances in asthma, immunization and maternity care. and j.d. power and associates ranked us highest in member satisfaction among health plans in the virginia/maryland/d.c. region. we'
spending by about 10%. the cold war was winding down. those cuts continued under former president george h.w. bush, about 18% in cuts. and then former president clinton. clinton did start to increase defense spending during his term but it still ended lower than where it was when he took
cut defense by 10% in his second term. george h.w. bush cut it. so this is right in line with those. that seems to make sense. >> yes, when you're talking about percentages, always matter where is you're starting from. i think it's more instructive to actually look at the dollars being cut. you look at the total between defense and non-defense, it would represent a reduction of over $100 billion in the coming fiscal year. and that's really the number you have to focus on that translates into the economic impact that we're talking about. so a structure today, this would be a precipitous set of cuts that would happen very quickly, would happen without the benefit of strategic thinking on how they would be applied. to do that at a time when our nation continues to face an array of security issues around the globe that demand our attention, demand our presence, demand our military capability, really does not make any sense. >> so are you saying, then, that on a percentage basis, that these cuts would be fair, but your problem is the way they're going about it? they're cutting everything
reform in the bush era, because it was not successful for the republican party. and even george w. bush in his memoir rewritwrites he regrets pursuing it in 2005. he told some of his colleagues at the time, don't worry. this isn't the third realm of the politics anymore. >> it was. >> and it was. and the reason i went through that history is because he's back now with much bolder, more ambitious plans and he's convinced you and all of your republican colleagues to walk off the plank and vote for what democrats think is a very controversial agenda. >> oh, my. >> well, it's a very compassionate budget actually. >> i want to hear your response to this. about y but at the time that ryan put his budget out first in 2008 and then he modified it in recent years, a lot of republican pollsters are saying don't vote from this, stay away from this. and boehner, the republican minority leader at the time, made sure that republicans in the house of representatives did not embrace it in 2010. >> i did. >> you did? >> yes. >> and you ran on it? >> i did. >> and you won? >> yes. in a challenger race. >
even george w. bush? you've imitated him. >> i've patterned my character after a combination of ma dlin and john sununu. >> why? >> i just like saying sununu. >> the gloves are a really nice touch. these are driving gloves? >> they're for texting. >> i never saw those online before. >> yeah. these are ferrari driving gloves. >> can i just admit something that i've been standing on a book this whole time called "all the president's children." >> hope the good people of ferrari send me a car to match the gloves i have. >> yeah. they're very nice actually. so trash talk. this is one of the things that comes all the way through politics and we cover it here. >> yes. >> we cover it all the time. we have a clip from the movie of your two characters right before debate encaging in some trash talk. >> you take a bath in a toilet. >> oh, that was it. >> that was a quick one. i think i had to go to the bathroom. >> if i remember correctly some of the language was -- >> cam's trash talking is very sophisticated. >> his is. there's some actually pretty racy scenes in this, but it really has quite a
in this country from the last two administrations, the george w. bush administration, the barack obama administration have warned as if in a single voice we're already facing the equivalent of a digital pearl harbor or 9/11 if we don't shore up and defend our exposed cyber flanks. same is true of the impact of our vulnerability in cyberspace to cyber theft. general keith alexander the head of the defense department cyber command and the national security agency made a speech a week or two ago in which he estimated that more than a trillion dollars has been stolen over cyberspace from america. he called it the largest transz every of -- transfer of wealth in history. that results from moving money at a bank -- out of bank accounts a lot of us never hear because the banks feel it's embarrassing, theft of industrial secrets to other countries that then build from those industrial secrets and create the jobs in their countries that our companies wanted to create here. so there's a unified position among national security leaders apart from which administration they served we need this legi
george w. bush was in 2004 where the obama campaign is not want to change attitudes about press and obama by advertising. there are people who like the president and people who dislike the president. there are very few undecided voters. there are few people will not minimize about president barack obama. the other pretty clear thing is that their attitudes will mostly be shaped by what is going on in terms of reality. even though this presidential election will be a referendum on the incumbent, mitt romney's to reach that threshold of reliability. barack obama is very well-known. ms. romney, not so much. that is why you see the obama campaign going very strong on that romney. they are trying to introduce men romney. dare try to stop him from reaching a threshold level of credibility. [video clip] >> tax havens, offshore accounts. mitt romney has used every trick in the book. he estimates that over the last two years he paid less than 15% in taxes on half $43 million in income. it makes you wonder if he paid taxes at all. we do not know because he is only released one year of tax returns.
is in that gray area and he's in a position like george w. bush was where the obama campaign is not going to change attitudes by advertising. there are people like the president and people who dislike the president. there are very few undecided voters and very few people have not met their mind about president barack obama. are they going to end up voting is one question. the their attitudes are mostly going to be shaped by what is going on in terms of reality. what the obama campaign can try to control as perceptions of mitt romney. even though this presidential election is going to be a referendum on the incumbent, mitt romney needs to reach the threshold level of credibility. mitt romney need to introduce himself to the american people. barack obama is very well known. mitt romney, not so much. that is why you see the obama campaign going strongly negative on mitt romney. they are trying to define him and introduce him and stop him from reaching a threshold level of credibility. >> we showed you one of mitt romney's adds. we'll show you one of president obama's negative ads. >> of bara
still in tel aviv. it is similar to a promise that george w. bush made in 2000. he said he would move the embassy to jerusalem. never got around to doing it. >> bill: never got around to doing it because his policy were the same policies as ronnald reagan and daddy bush before him as well as bill clinton the future of jerusalem should be part of the negotiations between the palestinians and the israelis correct? >> correct. >> bill: that's been the going position of the united states. >> you don't want to predetermine the status of jerusalem. >> bill: doesn't mitt romney know that? >> he's incurring favor with the voter block back home and with the israelis there. this is part of the pattern with them. this pandering. this knowing your audience. staying the -- says the things that you want your audience to hear. >> bill: in the same speech, he says that he didn't call for a bombing iran but he said if israel does it, then -- >> this is the more important part. this, as you see it now consistent in his statements
that was put into law in 1992 when president george h.w. bush was in office and when milton friedman was only 80 years old. the wind production tax credit was a temporary tax break, taxpayer in 1992 to encourage wind power. we give wind developers a 2.2-cent credit for every -- cents for every kilowatt-hour of wind electricity produced. and now it's about to expire at the end of the year. it needs to be extended again, the developers say. nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program. just one more time, they tell us, but it's an argument like this that's got us into the fiscal mess that we have as a nation. the united states of america, according to the joint tax committees, is spending $14 billion on subsidizing giant wind turbines over a five-year period, $6 billion of it is this production tax credit. that's why i am so pleased to see governor romney support the idea of more responsibility in our spending. we spend too much money in washington that we do not have, and it has to stop. there are many reasons we don't need this particular provision of the tax code. first, we can'
Search Results 0 to 42 of about 43 (some duplicates have been removed)